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Peggy Tomcheck

Peggy brings a wealth of leasing and management experience as leader of Aspen Capital’s business development and management team. Her vision for Aspen Capital is focused on the continued development of a rewarding and uplifting workplace for Aspen employees and business partners that promote the collaboration necessary to provide creative business financing solutions for customers and vendors.

Peggy has spent over 30 years developing creative asset management leasing solutions for large public and private companies. She has leveraged that experience to establish best-in- class custom technology lease programs in the higher education market nationwide. Lease programs range from university infrastructure leasing to fully mandated student laptop programs.

Whether working with corporations, colleges, universities, or health and fitness organizations, Aspen Capital’s primary focus is to establish business relationships with customers and vendors built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect that will sustain for many years. Peggy’s philosophy has always been to develop, nurture and respect all relationships: customers, vendors and employees alike…. and, good things will happen.

On a personal note, Peggy is very focused on maintaining a balance in her life among her faith, family, physical fitness, and work. It is not always easy but the first step is recognizing the goal!

Peggy is a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a Degree in Business Education.

Aspen Capital is a member of the Equipment Leasing and Finance

Association (ELFA) and is certified by the National Women Business

Owners Corporation (NWBOC).

President, CEO & Founder

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