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The Leasing Advantage 

Lease Finance Just Makes Sense 
  • Flexibility to make equipment changes as needs change 

  • Creativity to match expenses to budget conditions 

  • Customization to address each client's unique needs

  • Ability to mitigate risks associated with equipment disposal, data security and technology obsolescence. 

  • Convenient asset tracking for inventory management and reporting via Aspen Track - Aspen Capital's user-friendly, web based asset-tracking system.

Lease Management Through
the Entire Lifecycle
  • A single point of contact from lease origination to disposition ensures full accountability. 

  • Upgrades, add-ons, and lease restructuring are easily accommodated.

  • Aspen's remarketing expertise enables clients to trade in end-of-life equipment for maximum value.

  • Numerous facilities across the U.S. further reduce end of lease costs.

Aspen Capital Lease Structures 
  • Transaction sizes range from $50 Thousand to $20 Million

  • Lease Terms from 12 to 84 months 

  • Capital Leases and Lease Lines

  • Operating Leases

  • Deferred Payments

  • Step Leases

  • Sale Leaseback

  • Customized Lease Structures

  • Technology Refresh Leases

  • Project Based Financing

  • Short-Term Rentals

Wide Range of Technology from Multiple Suppliers
  • Desktop, Laptop and Tablet Computers 

  • Telecom Equipment 

  • Servers 

  • Storage Devices

  • Network Equipment

  • Printers and Copiers 

  • Fitness Equipment

  • Leasehold Improvements

  • Playground Equipment

  • Medical Devices

  • Material Handling Devices

Additional Services 
  • US DOD disk cleaning and data destruction

  • Full recycling capabilities

  • Consignment program for customer owned assets

Need more details? Request Information 

We are here to assist. Fill out an information request so we can assist you with your specific needs.

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