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Education Lease Solutions

Why a Technology Program?

Equipment Standardization

  • All participants have equal access to the same technology 

  • Promotes collaborative learning

  • Customization to address each user's unique needs

  • Facilitates the classroom pedagogical process 

  • Supports distance learning

Eliminates “Down Time”

  • Include a “loaner pool”

  • Structured warranty repair

  • Accidental damage protection – when available from manufacturer

Lead the Way in Academia 

Aspen’s custom Technology Lease Programs allow you to be at the forefront of technology in academia. Our programs enable students and faculty to be equipped with standardized technology that can be economically supported and refreshed facilitating the use of technology in and beyond the classroom.

Budget Friendly - Eliminate Unplanned Costs

  • Get equipment when needed - delay payment until next budget cycle

  • No budget $ left? Receive equipment & delay payment until next budget cycle

  • Spread cost over multiple budget years - equip more users 

  • No overlapping lease payments - use transitional period to refresh & replace 

  • Save operational resources - retain a portion - return a portion

Asset Management - Web Based

  • Customizable asset tracking - user, department, unique ID, purpose, program, etc. 

  • Generate revenue - self maintain when available

  • Ensure data security - DOD drive wiping

Aspen Track, Asset Management
Critical Components of a Technology Program​


School Purchased Program 

School Leased Program 

  • Maintain equipment standards       
  • Budgeted and planned refresh cycle 
  • Technology Staff focus – Improve usage for users
  • End of Life costs included in lease program.
  • Pay as you use equipment – multiple budget years                                        
  • Equipment of various ages and capabilities        
  • No vehicle to ensure equipment is kept current   
  • Technology Staff focus – break/fix problems
  • End of life disposal costs paid by school
  • Equipment paid for upfront – 1 budget year                                         
Need more details? Request Information 

We are here to assist. Fill out an information request so we can assist you with your specific needs.

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